Monday, 9 May 2016

Anthony Tata - Top Ways to Embrace the Creative Writing Process

Writing is all about the process. Anthony Tata, bestselling author of the Jake Mahegan thriller series knows this well. Learning how to write is just as important as what you’re writing about. Here are some ways to help you embrace the creative writing process in order to share your story.

  • Listen to your heart. When your heart tells you to write something, listen. When you write, you are empowering yourself to overcome yourself. Ignore the inner critic that tells you you’re not good enough. Get your words down on the page.
  • Ignore your haters. There will always be someone that will tell you not to write something. Haters are too scared to try to reach their dreams. Every word you write is defeating your haters.
  • Find your creativity. Every writer needs to find their creative zone genius. Find an area where you can be free to let your mind wander and your inspiration to flow.
  • Take time to write. In order to write you have to set aside time to do it. This means you have to stop doing other things and schedule blocks of time to write.
  • Embrace imperfection. The first draft is exactly that, a draft. Silence your inner critic and save the editing until you have finished the first draft. Deleting your words only slows down the creative process.
The writing process is about putting yourself out there to be judged and criticized. Anthony Tata, after a very successful military career, took the leap and wrote his first book. He is now working on his sixth fiction novel that is scheduled to be released in April 2016.