Thursday, 30 June 2016

Anthony Tata - The Business Aspects of Writing a Book

Anthony Tata didn’t really know how successful his Jake Mahegan book series will be, but Anthony Tata was determined to create a character that could blossom into somebody intriguing. Once the success of the first book, Foreign and Domestic became apparent, he had to deal with the business side of becoming a successful writer.

Many people think that getting results will mean less work, but most of the time it is actually the exact opposite of that. When you are trying to build up something, you don’t really know if it will be successful or not. They say that the best books are not written for the readers, they are written for the writer. You never really know what could be a success, but once it hit, you will have no choice but to continue it.

The main financial aspect that comes up with a successful first book is long-term business value. You have found something valuable that people loved, the next logical step is building on it. The money you get for the first book becomes your investment. You are doing research for the sequel, putting long hours into developing additional characters. You want your second book to be even better.

This requires financial sacrifices and of course if you self-published your first book, you start to think about finding a publisher, a company that has a history of reaching readers. AnthonyTata did just that, managing to build on the success of his first book with his second title in the Jake Mahegan series, Three Minutes to Midnight, and two more books from this series will be published in 2017.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Anthony Tata - Tips For Aspiring Writers

Anthony Tata is a successful novelist who can already boost one best-selling novel with several upcoming titles that will have a chance to do similarly well. While Anthony Tata's unique career arch is not necessarily something that can be reproduced (he is kind of a renaissance man), he has valuable tips for aspiring writers that could help any spirited enthusiast to reach their novelist goals.

Anthony Tata The first thing you have to understand is the importance of reading. In fact, the best thing an aspiring writer can do is to not just simply read the books, but to examine and evaluate them. This process is not about trying to find errors, though if you can find real errors in what is considered to be a masterpiece that could be a skill on its own. The ability to critique things – if it happens organically – can be a valuable tool.

Still, what makes this process so crucial is the fact that it will give you experience. The other aspect of course is inspiration. Nothing can inspire a beginning writer as much as a good story. We are not talking about potentially borrowing certain elements of a book, but being inspired by them. You let the clues lead to your personal treasure chest, in which you will likely find your very own stories.

Anthony Tata visited interesting places to meet interesting people, inspiring him to create his own works of art. But you don’t have to lead a similarly interesting life to find your own characters. These characters will be everywhere you go, all you have to do is listen to them.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Anthony Tata - Top Rules for Writing Fiction

Writing good fiction is no easy task. Just ask Anthony Tata, a national bestselling author of thriller novels. While writing a compelling story that engages readers is important to writing fiction, there are a number of rules that one should follow to produce good fiction and ensure your writing gets published. Here are some of the top rules for writing fiction.
  • When you are writing dialogue, never use a verb other than ‘said.’ Any other word is intrusive and can cause the reader to stop dead in their tracks.
  • Avoid using adverbs to modify the verb ‘said.’ This can distract the reader and interrupts the flow of the exchange.
  • Avoid using too many exclamation points. The rule of thumb is to have no more than two or three for every 100,000 words of prose.
  • Prologues can be annoying, so avoid them at all costs.
  • Try to avoid long, detailed descriptions of your characters.
  • Avoid going into a lot of detail describing places and things. They can quickly bring the action of your story to a halt.
  • Read your work aloud. This will help you identify spots in your story where the rhythms of the sentence may not be working.
It is important to keep in mind that the only way to write a book is to actually sit down and write. If you write with enough confidence and assurance you can do whatever you like. So write your story that needs to be written and write it honestly. Anthony Tata has been writing for several years and has six fiction novels under his belt, with ‘Three Minutes to Midnight’ being released in April 2016.