Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Anthony Tata - Tips For Aspiring Writers

Anthony Tata is a successful novelist who can already boost one best-selling novel with several upcoming titles that will have a chance to do similarly well. While Anthony Tata's unique career arch is not necessarily something that can be reproduced (he is kind of a renaissance man), he has valuable tips for aspiring writers that could help any spirited enthusiast to reach their novelist goals.

Anthony Tata The first thing you have to understand is the importance of reading. In fact, the best thing an aspiring writer can do is to not just simply read the books, but to examine and evaluate them. This process is not about trying to find errors, though if you can find real errors in what is considered to be a masterpiece that could be a skill on its own. The ability to critique things – if it happens organically – can be a valuable tool.

Still, what makes this process so crucial is the fact that it will give you experience. The other aspect of course is inspiration. Nothing can inspire a beginning writer as much as a good story. We are not talking about potentially borrowing certain elements of a book, but being inspired by them. You let the clues lead to your personal treasure chest, in which you will likely find your very own stories.

Anthony Tata visited interesting places to meet interesting people, inspiring him to create his own works of art. But you don’t have to lead a similarly interesting life to find your own characters. These characters will be everywhere you go, all you have to do is listen to them.