Thursday, 30 June 2016

Anthony Tata - The Business Aspects of Writing a Book

Anthony Tata didn’t really know how successful his Jake Mahegan book series will be, but Anthony Tata was determined to create a character that could blossom into somebody intriguing. Once the success of the first book, Foreign and Domestic became apparent, he had to deal with the business side of becoming a successful writer.

Many people think that getting results will mean less work, but most of the time it is actually the exact opposite of that. When you are trying to build up something, you don’t really know if it will be successful or not. They say that the best books are not written for the readers, they are written for the writer. You never really know what could be a success, but once it hit, you will have no choice but to continue it.

The main financial aspect that comes up with a successful first book is long-term business value. You have found something valuable that people loved, the next logical step is building on it. The money you get for the first book becomes your investment. You are doing research for the sequel, putting long hours into developing additional characters. You want your second book to be even better.

This requires financial sacrifices and of course if you self-published your first book, you start to think about finding a publisher, a company that has a history of reaching readers. AnthonyTata did just that, managing to build on the success of his first book with his second title in the Jake Mahegan series, Three Minutes to Midnight, and two more books from this series will be published in 2017.